Essay on Forensic Anthropology Of Forensic Pathology

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1. In the presentation conducted by Dr. Tracey Rogers (2015), the purpose of a forensic anthropologist was to determine if the bones found in the cemetery had any forensic significance, since only a forensic anthropologist can determine this.

2a. Dr. Tracey Rogers (2015) stated in Ontario, forensic anthropologist serve as consultants for Ontario Forensic Pathology Service in regards to autopsies.

b. The police, a pathologist or a coroner may request involvement of a forensic anthropologist (Rogers 2015).

c. Other cases that include a forensic anthropologist is the ability to identify victims such as through a mass disaster using the bones found and facial reconstruction (Saferstein 2014: 114-117).

3a. The bone was found on a Monday, however did not get reported until the following Thursday (Rogers 2015).

b. The women’s actions by reporting the bone a few days later and removing it from the scene could of have had an impact as the area where the bone was found could have been deemed a crime scene, therefore would of had an impact on collecting evidence properly. In addition, it is unknown if the bones had been altered by the women. This woman should have reported and left the bones found in its original place and waited for the police to arrive (Rogers 2015).

4a. Forensic significance is important to be established because if a bone is deemed forensically significant, it is then considered a crime scene as it begins to be involved in a medical legal investigation…

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