Essay on Foreign Aid

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Foreign Aid
“Australia in Its Regional and Global Context”
By Alara Berisha
Table of Contents:
1.) Australia and its foreign aid links
2.) The types of foreign aid
3.) The roles of government organisations
4.) The importance of non-government organisations
5.) Treaties and agreements
6.) Economic, social and geopolitical advantage and disadvantages
7.) Impact on social justice and equity

1. Australia and its foreign aid links
Australia is a developed, English speaking country, located in the Asia-Pacific region. It itself is a continent, surrounded by smaller nations, whom we continue to make links with.
One of Australia’s most positive links with the world, and significantly the Asia-Pacific region, is foreign aid.
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E.g. in the Pakistan earthquake disaster in 2005, The Australian Government provided funds to rebuild schools and hospitals.
Untied aid is when government and non-government organisations donate to the recipient government, whom is able to choose to spend it on any goods or services which they believe will benefit their country. E.g. The Australian Government donated funds to Papua New Guinea for any purpose that may help raise living standards.
Food aid is the donation of emergency food supplies to countries in midst of a natural disaster, famine or war. E.g. after the Boxing Day tsunami, Australia donated food supplies to Indonesia.
Technical assistance is when the government provides experts in their fields to assist the people in developing countries by helping them to develop programs and run services of their own. E.g. the Australian Federal Police and Army have been training East Timorese and Solomon Islands’ police forces.
Emergency aid is the giving of essentials such as food, clothing, shelter, medicine and medical services in response to a natural or human disaster. E.g. After a landslide in the Philippines in 2006, Australia provided them with emergency relief.
3. The roles of government organizations
In Australia, Government and non-government organisations both provide aid. The official government aid is Overseas Development Assistance, (ODAs), which can be in the form of

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