Food Security And Agriculture And Water Resource Management Essay

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Bangladesh is facing to tackle the 21st century greatest challenge: Climate change, food security and agriculture and water resource management. Agriculture is the single main sector of water usage in Bangladesh, with irrigated paddy rice using 70% of water resources (Chowdhury, 2010). Agricultural demands of water are considerably more sensitive to climate change, particularly for irrigation. Irrigation has revolutionized rice production in Bangladesh. Climate change may alter climatic parameters which affect the crop water requirement and irrigation water demand. Changes in irrigation water demand have significant implication for crop production and agricultural sustainability of Bangladesh. In addition, water demand for paddy rice irrigation has increased greatly in Bangladesh, and because of a shortage of surface water resources, groundwater is heavily used for this purpose. This has led to declining groundwater levels during the dry season. Any change of crop water demand due to climate change, then, needs to be studied and the results need to be applied to manage irrigation water in rice cultivation (Karim et al., 2009). In order to be able to adapt to the changing climate, a clear understanding of water demand changes in response to the variations in the climate variables can help in the planning and management of agricultural water resources (IPCC 2014; Wang et al. 2015). IPCC (2007) reported that Bangladesh urbanization and industrialization, population growth and…

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