Food Is The Issue Involving Nutrition And Obesity Epidemic That Currently Exists Among The Argentinian Population

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Providing the population with food is not the issue involving nutrition in Argentina. Although some parts of the rural population may experience food shortages at times, the main problem in relation to nutrition is the overweight and obesity epidemic that currently exists among the Argentinian population. To be classified as overweight the Body Mass Index (BMI) of a person needs to be greater than or equal to 25, and to be classified as obese one’s BMI needs to be greater than or equal to 30. 29% of the adolescent population is considered to be overweight and 6% is considered to be obese, while 62% of the adult population is considered overweight and 26% is considered to be obese. Within the adult population 60% of females are labeled overweight and 29% of females are obese, and 64% of males are overweight while 24% of males are obese. It is clear that people are getting enough food to survive but the issue is the types of diets consumed by a majority of the population. Plenty of staple foods that contain macronutrients which provide carbs, proteins, and fats, are being supplied to the people in Argentina, however they are not consuming enough non-staple foods which provide micronutrients. Since 1990 the Argentinian government has increased their expenditure in health and agriculture, however, the effect has been minimal. In 1991 the available percentage of calories from non-staple foods was 65% and only increased by 3% in the next twenty years. While the availability of…

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