Fiscal Policy Essay examples

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Fiscal Policy The people of the United States are by the fiscal policies. Team C will address the how and why the U. S. budget deficits, budget surpluses, and debt affect different individuals and institutions. There is a wide array of individuals affected by fiscal policy, which include tax payers, future Social Security and Medicaid users. The unemployed individuals and University of Phoenix students will be affected by fiscal policy. The U.S. financial reputation, an exporter, and importer, and affects of the GDP will also be covered about the affects of the U.S. fiscal policy.
Effects on Tax Payers The U.S. budget deficits can affect tax payers in a negative aspect by increased taxes to offset the deficit. The budget deficit
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Effects on Domestic Automotive Manufacturing (exporter)
When expansionary policies are used the result is improvement because an increase in available cash. This results in a net decrease in exports because it is more profitable to sell cars domestically than to export them. The severity of the recession and resulting contraction of the economy however has forced American car manufacturers to increase their comparative advantage resulting in improved competitiveness in current and growing automotive markets, such as China and India (Colander, 2010).
A budget surplus occurs when there are more funds coming into the government than going out. A healthy economy operating at its potential output will result in increases in individual income (Colander, 2010). However, an economy producing at its optimal output will result in the governments implementing contractionary fiscal policies to fight inflation. As less cash becomes available, consumers will tend to purchase imports and domestic car manufacturers will export more cars. As the economy contracts domestic manufacturers will increase their comparative advantage to compete internationally (Colander, 2010).
Currently there are initiatives for fiscal policy to reduce the debt. Less government spending in a recession could have a detrimental effect on the United States’ current economic recovery, including the

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