First Amendment Rights Of Schools Essay

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First Amendment Rights in Schools Students’ rights in schools are limited or just taken away. Students are forced to do whatever the officials at their school, by either the principal or the teachers, tell the students to do. One of the main right that gets taken away or limited is the students’ first amendment rights, which is the freedom of expression. Students can get suspended by just doing things the staff at the school does not like, including saying things that they don 't like or supporting a religion that the school does not support. Also, if a student says something about the school on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter that student can also get in a lot of trouble. Students should be able to have more first amendment rights in schools than they already have.
The first amendment gives all people of the United States the freedom of expression. The amendment gives people the right to say whatever they want with some exceptions. The first amendment does not protect: threatens to kill someone, saying bomb on a plane, and slander. the amendment also allows freedom of the press and allows people to freely practice any religion they want. It gives the right for the people to peacefully assemble and to petition the government. Schools are a government-run thing, which means the rights of the United States should still apply to schools but students’ rights are very restricted. “the courts have also recognized that students -- like all citizens -- are…

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