Finding Light In Darkness In Plato's Allegory Of The Cave

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Finding Light in Darkness Around the world there are many individuals go through challenging obstacles in life. Some may be little almost to no importance, but others may be very serious and difficult to overcome. An obstacle that many people deal with in life is depression. In many ways, Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” is very similar to depression and people who go through it in how their home is relatively like the cave, the slaves relate to the people suffering from depression, and the light resembles happiness. Often times, many who deal with depression cannot bear social interactions because their depression holds them back from it. Even situations as simple as enjoying the day with their family or having a night out with friends. Instead, someone with depression can be found in their home isolating themselves from everyone. The cave is similar to someone's home especially for someone going through depression because one's home symbolises their safe haven or comfort zone where they can avoid certain people or situations that may …show more content…
In Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave”, the light the slave sees resembles happiness, and in this case, a person finding happiness in life. Despite the fact that the slaves could not see the fire behind them, they were able to feel its presence by the warmth it put out. Such warmth sense in such a dark cold cave surely gave the slaves some type of satisfaction of comfortness similar to hope and happiness. Just like the slaves would feel this dim light from the fire surrounding them, people with depression will as well experience some form of warmth light in their life. But many times, the light or happiness people find in life may be bad habits such as addictions. However, if the slaves were to experience the outside world, they would see the true beauty of it and how mesmerizing it really is. Greek philosopher, Plato, sums it up

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