Financial Management 5 Essay

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Global Expansion

American Intercontinental University

Table of Contents

3 - Executive Summary
5 – Abstract
6 – Introduction
6 - Foreign Company Acquisition
7 - Advantages of joining the EU
8 - Disadvantages
9 - Multinational Corporations
9 - Financial Institutions and Credit
10 - Final choice and rationale
10 – Conclusion
12 - References

Executive Summary
As international markets are expanding and new opportunities are opening up abroad for businesses to grow within the international landscape, it is imperative that prospective companies gather a full working knowledge of how multinational corporations function and ways in which joining the European Union can provide an advantage or disadvantage to further
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This proposal for a free trade agreement could offer increased opportunities that would be separate from the European Un ion. With rapid expansion occurring at a staggering rate across the globe, small businesses have larger possibilities to grow their market shares within the international landscape.

The following paper will provide an in-depth perspective of the process of international expansion into a foreign country and both the advantages and disadvantages of acquiring a business within the European Union. An alternative to such action will also be provided to show that opportunities exist outside the realm of the EU. Explanations will be given with regards to the reasoning behind why multinational corporations may invest funds in foreign financial markets as well as why some financial institutions prefer to provide credit to foreign financial markets. Finally, the rationale behind whether or not to acquire a company in the European Union will be discussed along with the final choice for international expansion.

Introduction International expansion has seen a great deal of increase as technological advancements continue to surpass the scope of business leaders and executives. Communication barriers have also been virtually

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