Financial Literacy Essay

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1. Adjustable rate mortgage loan gives you a lower interest rate than a fixed one. 2. Unlike mortgage payments, which include complicated yearly amortization of the principal loan amount, interest-only payments are calculated easily. 3. The appraised value for our home turned out to be a lot less than we were hoping to receive. 4. Asset Pricing is not a book to be missed. 5. Chase Bank offered me 0% interest on balance transfers for an entire year. 6. The balloon payment due to pay off your balance is $1,234, or you can refinance with us for the remainder of the bill. 7. My family filed for bankruptcy after the seventh child was born. 8. As the borrower, I take great pride in making payments on time. 9. The …show more content…
25. There are plenty of websites that offer you a free credit report.

26. I saw on my credit report that my credit score was in the 700's.

27. I paid off my debt to the school by selling candy.

28. The lady on the phone said I could combine all my credit cards with their debt consolidation.

29. My debt-to-available-credit ratio was too high to get the loan approved.

30. My debt-to-income ratio is a very high percentage of my monthly income.

31. Her car loan was in default because she missed four payments.

32. The account's delinquency status proved that he was irresponsible.

33. My home's equity increased when a celebrity moved across the street.

34. It started after my identity was stolen, I asked for a file freeze on my credit.

35. You have to be careful not to over use credit because the finance charges could end up hurting you.

36. The home's first mortgage was high.

37. The credit card had a fixed rate for the first three years.

38. My friend's house went into foreclosure when her parents could no longer pay the mortgage.

39. Garnishment is what happened to my paycheck when I got behind in child support.

40. I took advantage of my grace period during the Christmas holidays.

41. We took out a home equity line of credit to pay for our daughter’s wedding.

42. My home equity increases as my loan decreases.

43. My cousin from Mexico has an

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