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Operations Strategy (MGT620X)

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Dr. Wendy Achilles Naresh.Kondepati Shri Haritha.T

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: This project is an effort to understand the main reasons for the long waiting times at our X-ray center and determine the
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Based on the report the management can take a decision on the best possible approach for reducing the waiting time at our X-ray center. The County hospital X-ray department works for a time interval of 9 hours (540Mins). It has one Front Desk, two X-Ray Labs, one Darkroom, one Inspection room, One Front Desk Assistant, three X-Ray technicians and one Dark room technician. The arrangement of services in this particular scenario is that of a multi-phase service system because the service of getting an X-ray done is not completed at once but instead is completed in a series of steps. This further depends on the arrival rate and service rate of the system. If there is too much

Variability between arrival and service rate then there will be a surge of customers i.e. overload of the service system. The Poisson distribution is used to study the arrival pattern of clients and service times are developed by an exponential distribution. It then proceeds to analyze the system utilization rate. The best system utilization rate is achieved when there are enough resources to assure that waiting is within allowable (minimum) limits. The Process flow here starts with the front desk representative leading the clients towards the X-ray lab and then after the completion of x-ray, guides them for exit. When assessing the base model we identified certain flaws as to the resource utilization and daily

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