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Classic Airlines Solution
Odessa Mattern
University of Phoenix
Heidi Kelley
April 18, 2011

Introduction This paper will be to analyzing and apply a problem-solving process situation at Classic Airlines. Using in the process to come up with the final analysis for Classic Airline. The beginning will give background on the company. The middle will address the problems that Classic Airline is facing It will also show how the challenges and opportunities in each department within the organization. The ending will be the SMART end goals that will measure the end results.
Background on Company Classic Airlines has been in business for 25 years and is the world’s fifth largest airline with more than 375 jests that
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This will allow their reps to spend more time on the phone with customers instead of sending them to the Internet in order reduce headcount and the only people who actually listened to the customers. 2. They need to find a way to change the negativity from Wall Street and the media to a positive. 3. Because Classic’s Reward program is down, they must find a way to increase their frequently fly program. 4. Find a way to beef up its frequent flier program with methods that will demonstrate a measurable return on any investment (ROI). 5. Come up with a way to meet the reduction in order from going into bankruptcy. 6. Change the philosophies and practices of the retention, which include the loyalty program and integrate them with customer service and reservation. 7. By changing the philosophy and recalibration of strategy, they could use CRM system for marketing campaign (University of Phoenix).
Amanda Miller is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Classic Airline, and will be meeting with the board on April 7, in this report the subject to demonstrate is a measurable, positive trend; the deadline is just three months away (University of Phoenix).
The consequences that people must face on a daily base conflict regarding their values as to what is right or wrong as well as what is good or bad. This stand true for Classic Airlines, because the executive must decide what is the best decisions after they defined all the opportunities within

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