Essay on Finalized Business Plan: Opening a Mexican Food Franchise

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Finalized Business Plan for Alberto's Mexican Food
Generic Strategy Alberto’s Mexican Food is the largest and most successful authentic Mexican Food franchise chain of restaurants on the West Coast. Found in 1975, and today has more than 90 national locations spanning through California and Utah. There is currently no authentic Mexican Food restaurants in my hometown of New Jersey with a business model like Alberto’s Mexican Food offers. For residents of New Jersey their only two options for Mexican Food is Taco Bell or small, sit-down type of family owned businesses which are few and in-between. Being from New Jersey and living in California for over 20 years it was obvious to me how authentic Mexican Food representation was
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Marketing and Information Technology Strategies and Tactics Cost effective marketing will be a key to success. Advertising costs are high, especially for a new business so our goal will be to keep things simple yet creative. A combination of local media and event marketing will be capitalized upon. Local radio will be our primary means followed by local print media. Once Alberto’s Mexican Food is built and read to open the doors to customers a broader media will be deployed. There are several local colleges in the area that Alberto’s Mexican Food plans to target to gain exposure and community awareness through sponsoring college events. Alberto’s Mexican Food will also utilize social media and all facets of it. A mobile application called Four Square will be used to offer customers who “check in” that they are at Alberto’s Mexican Food for the first time a 10% discount on their meal and frequent customers will receive a free soft drink of their chose or a small desert for repeat business. Discounts and special offers will be made public by the use of Twitter so customers who follow our Alberto’s Mexican Food twitter account will be aware of any sales promotions we have going on or coupon offers. Alberto’s Mexican food will also use Instagram to showcase our menu and restaurant atmosphere with high-definition

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