Final Exam : Discovering Elizabeth Bishop 's Identity Essay

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Final Exam:Discovering Elizabeth Bishop’s Identity Our identity is the discovery we have after along a journey. Identity is not just about who we are at the moment, but about how we got there. It 's a combination of our past, present and future. Elizabeth Bishop shares her identity through her poetry by telling stories. The poetry she writes mainly focuses around her personal experiences. By using different techniques like; imagery and tone she enables the audience to create their own persona. Imagery becomes a vital part in creating the reader 's perception. It draws the attention of the reader and allows them to essentially create a mental image of the context. Thus, compelling the reader to imagine and create a greater understanding for the context. We see this mechanism being uses in the poems; “At The Fish House” and “One Art”. Elizabeth Bishop’s use of vivid imagery enforces the reader to feel as though they are sharing a personal experience. The poem “At The Fish House,” begins with her creating an instant image of an“old man sits netting”(3). By doing so the reader is given a clue that this will be key thought the another example she constantly uses different colors like; “dark purple-brown,”“emerald”, “apparent translucence” and “opaque” to create a concrete image and allowing the content to have a more powerful effect. When Bishop describes the “black old knife” as being “almost worn away” the audience is able to perceive this as someone who is ill and is…

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