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We are really thankful to our honorable faculty, QUAZI SAGOTA SAMINA, Senior Lecturer, Department of Business Administration, East West University. With her valuable advice, continuous inspiration and constructive criticism she helped us to carry out this report successfully.

We would also like to thank the data manager of Bangladesh bank, officers of state bank of India for their cooperation , our gratitude to the Commercial Banks for whom we were assigned and Dhaka Stock Exchange library that helped us to gather all the necessary information.

Finally, we would like to thank to all the group members that directly or indirectly helped us to provide and accumulate all the necessary information for the accomplishment
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Scope of the study

The scope of this study was limited. We did our analysis only on an overall view of the bank operation. We just focused what are the sectors and options but could not analyze it in detail. The report would have been more enriched if all the sectors invested by the banks could be analyzed in details.

Source of Data:

We have used both the way of collecting data to gather accurate and authentic information about the selected banks.

Primary Sources:

The Primary source of the data was the website of the banks; from there we collect all the balance sheets and the profit and loss statements of the banks for last five years and summarize them as we need.

Secondary Sources:

The Secondary source of the data was the annual report of the banks; from where we collect rest of the data to complete the report.


Data Collection Method:

From the website of the banks and the annual report of the bank we gather all the information.

Data Organization:

We have organized the data in Microsoft excel and identify the findings to analyze and interpret.

Statistical Tools used:

We have used the correlation formulas to find out the correlation between Shareholders’ Equity and Net income before provision, Liquidity condition and Net income before provision, Credit Risk and Net income before

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