Film Review : Rabbit Proof Fence Essay

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1931, the half-caste act is in full effect leaving no mixed race child safe from the government. The film Rabbit-Proof Fence tells the tale of three girls who were directly affected by the act. The three girls on the journey were wanted because of their mixed race status. Australia’s dominate culture felt threatened by the half-caste children, which is why the half-caste act was put into effect. Australian’s plan to secure the dominate culture was to assimilate the half-caste children by taking them from their tribes and putting them into camps where they would be taught and live by the ways of the dominate culture. What I found astounding was how long the half-caste act was in effect, the act lasted from 1886 to 1970. The film Rabbit-Proof Fence showed strong anthropological themes of paradigms and social justice. The assimilation of the half-caste aboriginals is prevalent throughout the film due to the mixed paradigms. The dominate culture of Australia didn’t like the fact that there were children who were both white and aboriginal. Which isn’t a huge surprise considering this type of assimilation has happened around the globe throughout history. The main paradigm that people classify others is by their race. During these times of assimilation other paradigms come into play, but usually the main contributor to times of change such as the one in Rabbit-Proof Fence is due to race. Even though a person’s race makes next to no biological differences except for skin…

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