Propaganda In Battle Potemkin

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A Film is an idea brought to life on the big screen. The idea can come from a book, a real event/true story or even a political idea. A good film combines many parts to entertain and teach the audience simple (or complex) ideas through its messaging. Films have real life effects on the mass, things referenced in the movie can go viral and start movements. A recent example of this can be found in the recent movie Straight Outta Compton, after its debut one could see people copying the line and using their hometown to tell their own story. Many shirts where sold with individual cities on them; the movie had a financial impact outside of the theater. Their marketing ploy helped shaped their story, many other tools are used in the film industry …show more content…
The goal could be to further a political, religious or social agenda, but regardless the motive, similar processes are used. The use of villains and heroes and the use of underdogs are very powerful in creating sympathy and trust towards a person with a particular background that resembles a predetermined agenda. The use of propaganda in films is really efficient and very cheep to produce. In Battle Potemkin the use of a new editing technique was used throughout to drastically change the way the way the movie was received. This same editing technique became widespread after the movie came out because it added a dimension of control to the editors that could really impact the delivery of the film. Another great example of how film techniques can help manipulate characters into being a hated villain or beloved hero is in the movie “The Beloved Dictator” where this unmistakable nazi dictator foreshadows what is to come in the imminent rise Germany. The people casted are a big part of the overall production of a movie, but the editing techniques used are really what draws the focus in on the directors

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