Film : On The Over Diagnosis Of Mental Illness Essay

1191 Words Feb 2nd, 2016 null Page
Film: “On the Over-diagnosis of Mental Illness,” Allen Frances

General Observations: The quote from the clip that I remembered well was: “who is sick and who is not” and “pretty soon everybody will be sick.” It is accusing the DSM IV system of over-diagnosing patients. The DSM is suppose to be tools for identification and treatment for people in need. With its vague descriptions for the numerous disorders people can see it as helping more people get help they need easier or seeing it as a loop hole for doctors to assign more drug prescriptions. Thus, making the drug companies richer. Frances is accusing the DSM with its flaws that he wants to change, but doesn’t seem like he can do anything. Personally, I think many of the DSM descriptions are too vague and they seems to be more like natural behaviors of human-beings. Modern day stresses are being used as labels for mental illness. I think people can stress and then be happy, they can change, and that is not necessarily an illness. Frances mentioned that we can invent patients by tweaking disorder labels by a tiny bit. The labels change too quickly. Psychiatric symptoms are everywhere, but where is a fine line between normality (as a normal part of life) and mental illness/disorder. The question that is often asked is when is it severe enough to be a disorder? Some may see DSM V and its preventive psychiatry to be a source of over-diagnosis, while some may see that it is better to treat the disease in its early stage.…

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