Essay on Film Analysis : The Director Hitchcock

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Just about everyone can voice their opinions on a film that viewed as we all do after leaving the theatre. It may be found to be useful when a friend or individual is interested in seeing the film themselves. However, I believe the only way that you could understand a film is by analyzing the film beyond the average person. When one begins to analyze they begin to develop an understand of the film and may grow to love the film. The director Hitchcock is a fairly well known director. He has directed many different films from Vertigo to Psycho that are found to be popular to the viewers. In this paper I am going to analyze certain elements that spoke out to me during the film. Those elements that that spoke to me the most during the film was the lighting techniques, camera movement, and symbols.
The film starts off with the main character Marion not starting off on the right foot. Marion slipped into dark side of being a human, which sometimes happens. However, if you understand what is going on and if you are luck you can most of the time pull yourself out of the dark side. She slipped into the dark side by once the had taken the money of a customer. This was a large amount of money that she had taken from the customer. After taking the money she went off the radar was not able to be contacted by anyone. Marion checks into a motel with the stolen money and soon she is met with her fate. As she is trying to cleanse herself by taking a shower she in the process gets stabled to…

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