Film Analysis : The Berenstain Bears Essay

843 Words May 2nd, 2016 4 Pages
My project will perform a content analysis format to examine the portrayal of gender in the children’s book series, The Berenstain Bears, written by Jan, Stan, and Mike Berenstain. The two books And Too Much Junk Food and Get Ready for School will be my analysis material. I will look at how this social problem is coded by analyzing the portrayal of the mother, father, brother, and sister bears, and how they relate to each other. Each of the characters in The Berenstain Bears children’s books display traditional and outdated gender roles, and these portrayals are apparent in each of the books. The father and son bears in The Berenstain Bears are portrayed as stereotypically and traditionally male. First, the father bear is portrayed, depending on the book, either as a silent worker or a man-child. The silent worker representation is the more mature of the two, but he isn’t engaged in family activities. He is seen catching fish, which can be symbolic of “carrying the weight” of the household’s income, but he doesn’t help with domestic responsibilities. He doesn’t wake up the children, nor does he help them get ready for school. In fact, he doesn’t even talk to the children as they get ready. This job is left for the mother. This portrays the father bear as dominant, independent and strong. The other way the father bear is portrayed is as a man-child. This portrayal of the father bear involves more interaction with the children, but it also portrays him as childish, not…

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