Film Analysis: Love Conquers All

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Love conquers all as it is portrayed in the all time favourite love story of Rose and Jack in the titanic movie. The film highlights some of the plights that women face in their day to day lives, and other challenges that they face. The film tries to give the description and vivid analysis though the counter flowing events in the film. Jack Dawson and Rose Dewitt Bukatter try to explain the happenings through this epic romantic disaster film.
Women are taken as objects that satisfy the men’s interest. They are used for financial or self interest as shown when rose’s wedding was planned in order to marry her off thus solving the Dewitt Bukatters financial constraints. Rose is forced to get married to Cal Hockley in order for her and
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The carriage ship consisted of three types of classes; the upper class, the second class and the lower class. Rose belonged to the upper class and Jack belonged to the lower class. The two did not have the same game thus interaction between the two parties was limited and sometimes did not exist. Thus the interaction between Jack and Rose was merely a surprise and when they came into terms it was something that was not thought of. Rose was also astonished that a poor man like Jack could travel to Paris. How the love they shared was extreme and true and could not be separated by the …show more content…
The script writer clearly showcases the plight that the women in the society face. The scale of hypocrisy is very evident and is clearly shown in the film. Also the case of class segregation is pellucid and the societal demand for the maintenance of the standard or class you find yourself in is a common problem. Through all the artistic work and the smooth flow of the events of the activities in the film, it can be concluded that this are the common rifts of life that must be dealt with. The comprehensive cast of Jack and Rose is the greatest work of art put forward by James

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