Film Analysis : Into The Storm Essay example

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Film Analysis: Into the Storm
Films have always shown ' 'weather porn ' ', violent weather shown destroying homes, vehicles, and etcetera. However, in actuality weather can be violent and destructive an, but in movies every scene is dramatized with special effects. Like in any movie there is a love story, a hero, the anti-hero, and a failed scheme the hero has, and a idea that works. However, all in all the natural hazard movies show how acceptable humans are to storms and what mass destruction can bring, but there is a difference between film and reality. Films do show weather porn to the fullest extent, by showing how dangerous storms or natural hazards can possibly become but, films don 't show reality because of the bucks they can make off the film by not showing the boring realistic math and science behind natural hazards.
The film that I have chosen to tell the difference between situations of a natural hazard in a film versus reality is ' 'Into the Storm, ' ' the movie was released on August 8th, 2014. The scenes of the film were shot at Lake Orion, Auburn Hills, Washington, Armada, Orion Township, Brighton, Detroit, Pontiac, Oakland University and Woodhaven in the Michigan, United States. This film is produced by Todd Garner and is directed by Steve Quale. The main actors in the film are Richard Armitage as Gary Fuller ( a Vice Principal), Max Deacon as Donnie Fuller ( a student and Fuller 's son), Nathan Kress as Trey Fuller ( a student and Fuller 's son),…

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