Film Analysis : Film Language Essay

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Throughout history, films was designed for entertainment purposes. At first, movies were silent until the development of sophisticated ones in the film industry. Still and motion pictures are taken from various angles in different locations and put together in a slideshow format. Just like human communication, movies always use images to present itself to the audience. Without film language, it is impossible to communicate by translating words into action.

There are thousands of people who enjoy watching movies in different genres. In films, the genre decides who the characters are, the setting, and the plot of the story. Film language is the visual representation of a series of continuous photographs in an orderly and logical fashion. Each time a filmmaker produces a movie, they tell the story from the camera perspective. In order to do this, they find ways to display thoughts and emotions of the character to viewers. There are key elements of film language used in movies. This includes continuity editing, discontinuity editing, point of view shots, and crosscutting editing. Continuity editing is the perception of the characters and actions that takes place from the beginning to the end of the story. Discontinuity editing is the sudden appearance of two different shots going back and forth. This type of editing style confuses viewers because filmmakers arrange these scenes to occur when it is irrelevant to the storyline. Point of view shots shows viewers what the…

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