Fighting Out Against Water Pollution Essay

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Fighting Back Against Water Pollution
Water pollution needs to be reviewed as the increase in toxins in possible drinking water has increased in the last 20 years. Through the use of our technology and use alternative renewable energy sources, re-evaluating our usage and methods of disposing waste preserving both fresh and marine water in the United States. A common discrepancy that is brought up when discussing water pollution is whether the cost will become too large to even begin creating change, that the amount of resources required to implement could be used elsewhere for a more immediate impact. The discussion of environmental problems is a topic of many political debates, but throughout the years scientific evidence has documented the changes in the water pollution and the effects that are caused. Applying the research of human interaction prevalent in society, individuals can hope to achieve a strong incentive to create change.
Point source pollution issues regarding the wastewater caused by human interactions within the environment, revealing the negative effects currently appearing in a one of many areas around the world. Knowing that water is a reusable resource is accurate, but can also be misleading. While using water is not an issue, continuing to clean it as fast as we pollute it is. Water pollution not only effects the environment but the lives of many individuals caught between fracking operations implemented by corporations. The impact that is applied to…

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