Fidel Castro 's A Profound Emotional Effect On The Island Essay

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Fidel Castro 's long-awaited and hoax-susceptible death caused tears of sorrow in Havana, and tears of happiness in Miami. His passing embraced The Eagles ' song "Hotel California", as "some dance to remember, some dance to forget." Regardless of one 's opinion of the eccentric "El Lider Maximo" of Cuba, his death signifies a symbolic transitory period, indicating the end of a country which was a crucial actor in the Cold War, and an intense enemy of the United States for decades. For many in Cuba, Fidel’s death presents an opportunity for Cuba to endeavor on a path of sustainability, economic progress, globalization, and the ability to remove the failed shackles of caudillo politics from their country.
There is no doubt that the state-sponsored nine-day mourning will have a profound emotional effect on the island. It may even have a stronger political effect as the Communist Party seeks to further solidify its strength in the country. But it 's important to note that Fidel 's death will lead to no radical change with regard to the nature of Cuba’s government and its hardline political and economic policies; for the past 10 years, Fidel’s brother, and closest confidante, Raúl Castro, has already been running Cuba. It is unfair to say that the future of Cuba under Raúl will be as dim as it was under Fidel. Raúl has already made instrumental steps toward healthier economic policies and geopolitical relationships; his own ambitions and goals will set the course for Cuba’s…

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