Fiction : The Unethical Use Of The Three Modes Of Persuasion Essay

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Three Cups of Fiction: The Unethical Use of the Three Modes of Persuasion

Journalism is a powerful outlet in that every statement has its consequences. Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin prove this by suffering greatly (theres negative consequences) from their untruthful “journalism”. These authors dishonestly used rhetoric to persuade their readers of an uplifting story about a man’s humanitarian mission in Pakistan to public as nonfiction, which brought him enormous success and Mortensen public attention. However, it has been revealed by the journalist Jon Krakauer in his publication Three Cups of Deceit, that the book Mortenson and Relin conceived is just a “compelling creation myth” (Krakauer 6). The book made false yet rhetorical statements written in a persuasive style and misled readers by selling it under the “nonfiction” category. Mortenson and Relin unethically concealed the truth and caked up the stories with rhetorical language to convince readers. This unethical falsehood not only causes mortification to Central Asia Institute (CAI) and social pressure to Relin but also diminished the credibility of the book for the readers and brought disgrace to journalism. This paper will discuss that Relin purposely using three modes of persuasion which includes ethos, logos, and pathos to fabricate a story and deliver it as violations of journalism integrity.
First of all, Relin purposely used the tool of logos to convince readers the logic of the story. One of his…

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