Fi 360 Midterm Essays

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Unit 5 : Week Five - Midterm

Time Remaining:

1. The ultimate owner(s) of an ongoing corporation are (Points : 2) the federal government. the debt holders. the equity holders. the executive staff of the corporation.

2. Which of the following is a valid criticism concerning the goal of firms to maximize profits? (Points : 2) profit maximization ignores expenses profit maximization is completely unrelated to shareholder wealth profit maximization may ignore the timing of those profits there are no valid criticisms of profit maximizing firms

Balance Sheet: 12/31/04




Cash and Marketable Securities


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For 2004, what was the average collection period for the firm in 2004?

(Points : 2) 6.84 days 8.77 days 42.77 days 51.22 days

7. You set up a college fund in which you pay $2,000 each year at the beginning of the year. How much money will you have accumulated in the fund after 18 years, if your fund earns 7% compounded annually? (Points : 2) $72,757.93 $67,998.07 $20,118.17 $28,339.25

8. The amount that someone is willing to pay today, for a single cash flow in the future is (Points : 2)

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