Fetal Alcohol Disorders And Native Indians Essay

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Fetal Alcohol Disorders in Native Indians Issues surrounding the Native Indians, including American Indian, Alaskan Native and Native Hawaiian tribes, started when European settlers came to the Americas and American Indians were slowly pushed off of their lands.
This first started to be a true problem in the early 1800’s when the white settlers were bringing in more black slaves and farmland started expanding in the South. Thomas Jefferson stated that though he believed the American Indians were equal, he did not believe that they could co-exist together because of differences in religion, cultures, practices, and histories. He was worried about the growing unease between the whites and the Native Indians; whites were illegally selling the Native Indians alcohol, causing deaths and addictions. He knew it would eventually cause war; he decided to act on the plans of previous presidents and move the five ‘civilized’ tribes beyond the Mississippi away from the whites (Dwyer, 2014).
Since the early 1800’s numerous laws were created, taking not only land from the Natives Indians, but their culture, histories, beliefs, and religion. In 1868 the Forced Assimilation act was passed: religious officials were placed in charge of the Native Indian tribes to convert them to Christianity. In 1887 land was given to individual tribal members, not a tribe as a whole, allowing the extra land to be given to the whites. The only thing never taken from the Native Indians but was greatly…

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