Feminist Theory : A Feminist Scholar Essay

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Feminist theory is a fairly new approach to the IR discipline and the aim is to produce knowledge that helps inform practices to improve the lives of women. Feminists use the experience of women to make research that is beneficial to women. In doing so they believe that their viewpoints might uncover aspects of reality that is hidden by more conventional approaches. Feminists believe that by paying attention to experiences of women IR theories might be reformulated and the understanding of world politics might be improved (Tickner, 2005: 7). Feminism in IR still remain on the margins of the field and mainstream IR scholars rarely engage in productive debate about the questions raised by feminism, however, Keohane has made an attempt. In this review three different articles about feminism in IR are examined. The first article by Robert Keohane, who is normally associated with neoliberal institutionalism, is a critique of feminist methodology. In the second article feminist scholar, Ann Tickner, responds to Keohane. In the last article Laura Sjoberg, who also is a feminist scholar, demonstrates how IR feminist theory works and how it can contribute to a broader understanding of IR. It supports the methodologies mentioned in Tickner’s article. Keohane is critical towards feminism in terms of how research is conducted. The other two showcase that feminist approaches do not fit into conventional IR frameworks.
In the article ‘Beyond Dichotomy: Conversations between International…

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