Feminist Theology And Their Misrepresentations Of Various Aspects Of The ' Third World Woman '

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This book offers a critique of white feminist theology and their misrepresentations of various aspects of the ‘third world woman’. The book focuses on such aspects as the footbinding of Chinese women; the veiling of Muslim women; and the figurative mutilation of the black woman by the music industry and religious addresses. The material in this compilation provides a valuable critique of western feminism, and offers a more accurate way in which to offer postcolonial feminist interpretations which shall be useful in my own feminist case studies.

In this article, Dube discusses the effects of colonial interpretations of biblical texts (blonde hair, blue eyed ‘good’ characters and Satan as dark skinned) on her personally and how this was a reality for most African’s first interactions with the Bible. She talks of the need for ‘self-realisation’ within people affect by colonial interpretations, and a re-examination of the ways in which they are reading biblical texts and their attitudes towards resistance. Dube stresses that peoples affected by colonial thought must make sure that they re-think their interpretation process in order to read the bible in a way which is beneficial to them. This will be an important resource, especially on aspects of my dissertation that focus on postcolonial South African perspectives on the Bible.

This postcolonial compilation centres on biblical hermeneutics within the colonial history of Africa, ranging from slavery to present day worldwide…

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