Essay about Feminist Critique : Raising Feminist Boys

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Raising Feminist Boys
According to feminist critique, the traditional view of men and women that has prevailed in society states that because women differ from men biologically they should serve different social roles. Advocates of feminism reject this view believing that the assumption of different roles according to sex is the result of social conditioning and an institutionalized sexual class system and is dictated by sociocultural as opposed to biological determinism (Thomas). We live in a society that views children with gender-variant behavior as aberrations that need to be examined, intervened with, or repackaged (Slesaransky-Poe). In order to raise boys that are aware of feminism and believe in its ideals, they must learn that equality is essential. Traditionally, children with gender-variant behaviors and interests have been viewed as needing psychological intervention. Within this context, there is the argument that the deficiency lies with a heteronormative society that is built on binary systems of gender, which in turn creates the framework for either/or gender expression in western families(Slesaransky-Poe) .
According to a study done on infants (18 months-36 months), by 18 months, 32% of infants preferred to the same sex toy. By 24 months 59% of children can correctly stereotype clothes that are either for boys or for girls and 98% can correctly label Mom and Dad. By the age of 3, 52% of children prefer to play with a playmate of the same sex and 83% of…

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