Feminist Analysis Death of a Salesman Essay

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Feminist Analysis of Death of a Salesman

What’s great about this play is gives us insight into the past and focuses on an average family and provides lots of material to do a feminist analysis of. The most prominent woman figure in this play is Linda, but the male characters in this play also give us insight into women’s roles and help feed the feminist analyses To get us started, how do the roles and identities of women in this play compare to that of the male figures?

Objectivity of women
Biff and Happy
-“Take those two we had tonight, now weren’t they gorgeous creatures?”
-“it gets like bowling, I just keep knockin’ them over and it doesn’t mean anything”
-“a girl, y’know, they always
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You’re disgusting” (44) to Charley
“thank God you’re built like Adonises” God of beauty and desire

When Howard’s wife goes to talk to the recording device she has nothing to offer, as opposed to his son and daughter who wouldn’t shut up his daughter whistles, his son names the capitals of states, his wife says “I can’t think of anything…hello? Oh Howard, I can’t talk into this….” (78)
She could have just been shy, she doesn’t have a name, she is known as his wife

Connect Howard’s wife’s role to Linda’s role? This is our chance to see a family woman other than Linda, do you think this serves a purpose, not matter how subtle it may be?
Linda is content without adventure, she didn’t want Ben to encourage Willy to go to Alaska (95)
Linda is overshadowed by her boys who go out and pursue things.


Arthur Millar shows us the restraints of sexuality as well individuality in this play. Just like Willy Loman struggles to find his place socially and struggles economically, Linda is restrained by her

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