Feminism : The Feminist Movement Essay

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“The modern feminist movement addresses issues such as women’s rights in the workplace, reproductive rights (including abortion and birth control), sexual harassment and discrimination and gender stereotypes.” (Issit and Flynn “Feminism: An Overview”). The Feminist Movement in America was led by figures such as Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Stanton, who fought for women’s suffrage. Following women’s suffrage came women leaders of the Second Feminist movement, like Betty Friedan, whose book, The Feminine Mystique, expressed that herself and many other women didn’t feel satisfied with being a housewife. Today, the Modern Feminist Movement is working to allow any and every type of woman to live how they want while accepting their feminine ways and destroying the fear of male dominance. In the past, feminists were working to become something other than a wife and mother. However, the way that young girls grow up, it is hard for girls to aspire to anything other than a housewife. From the moment girls are born, they are influenced by and are taught to appease to men. “The real concern is the million of viewers, scores of whom are young girls, who take in these misogynistic spectacles uncritically, learning that only the most stereotypically beautiful, least independent women with the lowest carb diets will be rewarded with love, financial security, and the ultimate prize of male validation” (Zeisler 126). Young girls are exposed to reality television shows where women with one…

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