Feminism Of An Hour And Of The Novel The Awakening By Kate Chopin

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Liberal Feminism Since the early 19th Century, Our views on feminist analysis have advanced and have adapted to every age of literature and have entitled women to liberal rights. It is key for every feminist analysis to identify the various ways in which women rights are disparate from those of men. For a woman to feel like she is liberal, she must make courageous actions and choices so that she doesn’t feel like men are superior to her. Authors such as Charlotte Perkins Gilman, a novelist from the 19th century and writer of the short story The Yellow Wallpaper, Kate Chopin, a novelist from the 19th century and writer of the short story The Story of an Hour and of the novel The Awakening, and Donald Hall, writer of an analysis entitled Feminist Analysis were among those who attempted to manifest the fact that it is crucial for women to do as they please in order to feel like they are as free and as equal to men. In Jone Johnson Liberal Feminism, What is Liberal Feminism?, she clearly explains the meaning of feminism. For instance, when explaining the goal of feminism, she inserts ‘’liberal feminism 's primary goal is gender equality in the public sphere -- equal access to education, equal pay, ending job sex segregation, better working conditions -- won primarily through legal changes’’(1). Fundamentally, what Johnson wants us to understand is that liberal feminism has plenty to do with equality for men and women in freedom. It is essential to know that liberal…

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