Feminism Is Not Known As The Woman 's Movement Essay

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Feminism, or otherwise known as the “Woman’s Movement,” is falsely and stereotypically claim to be a mob of angry raging women. However, Feminism stands for equality and many other concepts. In May-Lee Chai’s short story, “Saving Sourdi,” feminism applies to the main characters and the relationship between them. Feminism falls within this story through the instances of the character development of Sourdi, Nea, and their relationship throughout the tale. First, to analyze feminism into “Saving Sourdi,” one must know the history of feminism. To provide background information, the Feminist Movement had three waves. The first wave was around the 1800s to the 1920s, which was about the women’s suffrage. Then, the second wave took place in the 1940s to 1970s, and finally the third wave started at the 1980s to the twenty-first century. All of the waves have the same concept and share the same idea, but they all were performed differently and took feminism to a whole other level. As stated before, the Feminist Movement is dishonorably acknowledged as a riot movement lead by miserable woman. However, that is not the case, “Feminism is a cultural as well as political movement. It changes the way women think, feel, and affects how women and men live their lives and interpret their world. For this reason, it has provoked lively debates and fierce antagonisms that have continued to the present day. Contemporary feminism and its concerns, therefore, are rooted in a history stretching…

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