Analysis Of Maya Angelou's Caged Bird

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One of Maya’s most famous poems known as ‘Caged bird’ is most cleverly summed up by a quote written by Maya herself, “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” Her experiences of freedom, or lack of freedom were formed during her childhood. She was born into the world just years before World War II began and during The Great Depression, where 8 million people became unemployed, and most families lost their source of income and this is where many ideas from ‘Still I Rise’ and ‘Phenomenal women’ came from.
This era is historically seen as racially disgusting and the way African American people were treated was horrendous. African Americans faced unemployment of 50% more than the white community and
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She has since published many other amazing work pieces and in 1933 she read a poem at President Clinton’s inauguration. This leaves us to believe that she was one of the first African Americans nationally recognised.
The ‘Caged Bird’ is one of Maya Angelou’s most recognised pieces of work. It was written in 1969, just years after she recovered from her traumatic life events. It shows the horrible life she lives, and the way this changed the women she was. The ‘Caged Bird’ shows the way she could spread her wings and somewhat was a free African American woman, but with the events that occurred in her life soon trapped her, and she no longer had the ability to be ‘free’. It talks about two birds; one is trapped in a cage while the other flies freely in the sky.
The poem is constructed based on several metaphors. It also signifies a range of thoughts, themes and ideas. the poem is based around one metaphor that contrast the condition of a caged bird with a free bird. There are a range of different reason why this metaphor shows great significance throughout the

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