Feminism : Gender Roles, The Media, And Power Essay

1166 Words Apr 24th, 2016 null Page
There is a significant controversy surrounding feminism especially when it is connected to radical feminists because of their strong opinions on who they think all men are. The stigma that everyone who considers themselves a feminist say thing to put the hate or blame on men is incorrect and often people are not educated enough on the subject to know that feminism’s goal is to have equality of the sexes in all domains. It is the intent of this paper to prove that feminism is still needed in Canada mainly focusing attention towards gender roles, the media, and power. To start, through the years society created a list of how men and women should act in society that are considered acceptable or appropriate, but when these norms are challenged problems within society might arise. To begin, what is considered masculine and feminine is solely based off of gender role expectations. For example, in class we learned that individuals still think that a women is described as being weak, pretty, fragile, and the housewife that will spend time taking care of her children and a man is described as strong, tough, and the breadwinner or money maker in a family. In 2014, on average Canadian women would spend two hundred and forty minutes cooking, cleaning, or caring for children while men only spend one hundred and sixty minutes doing the same tasks ("Traditional Gender Roles Still," 2014). Child care is considered “Woman 's work”, but it takes both a male and female to create life.…

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