Feminism, By Harry Potter And The Philosopher 's Stone Essay examples

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A feminist can be defined as someone who believes that all genders, with a focus on men and women, should have equal rights and opportunities. Although there are many people who disagree with feminism, or disagree with popular media’s portrayal of feminism, feminism is and should be regarded by its dictionary definition, in that it is simply a belief that men and women deserve to be treated equally. There are three recognized waves of feminism, all with their own focusses. Feminism is a fairly heavy and highly contested topic, with a lot of critics eager to “expose” authors who do not portray female characters as feminists, especially J.K. Rowling’s Hermione Granger. However, it is important to remember that Hermione Granger is an eleven-year-old in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, and therefore deserves some space to grow in terms of understanding social injustices in the world. After taking this information into consideration, it is clear that Hermione is undoubtedly a leader and a beginning feminist figure. Hermione could be recognized as a third wave feminist. She puts an emphasis on her gender identity, befriending two boys, which is untypical for a girl that age, and also her gender expression, wearing her “bushy brown hair and rather large front teeth” (Rowling, 112) proudly, and never changing them throughout the course of the novel, despite most likely having the magical ability to. Alexandra Hidalgo expands on this idea in her essay titled…

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