Feminism And The Modern Day Feminist Movement Essay

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Yet Sanburg ignores the importance of intersectionality when expressing her argument. Hooke reminds the reader that it is crucial to evaluate the status of all women, placing more focus on their race and class status in order to tackle the issue as a whole. Her approach to feminism is impractical, passive, and disenfranchising to women of color. Furthermore, Sandburg is promoting a sort of “faux feminism,” as Hooks puts it, where common courtesy is being portrayed as rebellious while the ideas truly renegade to the status quo are viewed as deranged nonsense.
The biggest threat to the modern-day feminist movement is not society but rather the recent pacification of the movement in favor of ignoring and simultaneously not upsetting existing conditions. This has lead to the movement reaching a sort of standstill in terms of making significant progress. To many modern feminists, challenging dress codes, skirt lengths, and common conceptions about body hair are viewed as more important than advocating gender equality for all-women, regardless of race, class, or sexual orientation. Faux feminism, also known as “mainstream feminism,” almost ignores these issue entirely, therefore focusing the movement on the plights of white women.
In many recent feminist writings, many white authors make a dangerous assumption: that their target audiences comes from a background such as theirs and deal with the same issues as they do. By no means insinuating active racism, it just goes to show…

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