Feminism And The Current Issues Facing Women Essay

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Feminism is a living movement that has changed many times in its practice and perception. These changes depend on many things such as the current issues facing women and how people view those issues. The context of an individual 's life can have an enormous impact on both their awareness to and perception of feminism in its various iterations. My grandmother, my mother, and myself have all come up in varying time periods, economic circumstances, and cultural settings which have created within us a myriad of experiences with feminism. With these different experiences, we each have our own perception of feminism; what it is, what successes it has made, and how it affects our lives. These differences are largely generational and can be compared with the different forms that feminism has taken throughout our lifetimes. My grandmother was born Halloween of 1941 to a poor farmhand and his wife. Their house was located on the farm her father was hired to work and she lived there with her parents and six siblings until she was married in 1962. Growing up she was never taught to have much confidence in herself. She did what she was told, helped with the laundry her mother picked up for some extra money, babysat her younger siblings, and cleaned the home. She was an average at best student throughout high school and was neither encouraged nor felt particularly compelled to pursue any higher education after graduating in 1959. The early years of her marriage involved several moves for…

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