Feminism And Masculinity Defined Who People Are Today Essay

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Does Feminism and masculinity defined who people are today? Do we push each generation with gender specific roles that define who we are? We all grow up with different definitions of these words. Also we grow up in different cultures that can affect our definitions. We all think different when thinking about feminism and masculinity.

My grandmother’s definition of feminism-women should have the same equal political, economic, cultural and social rights as men.Masculinity – attributes behaviors, and roles generally associated with boys and men. She believes that those definitions have changed over the years.The world had developed in different ways that the meaning behind those words can be lost. A lot of people ( mostly the older generations) still believe that women are fragile and men are basically the bread winner. It is way more different now, some women are both the bread winner and doing motherly duties.

My grandmother believes that being raised in a Latino family shaped how women are to play the stereotype role. Stereotypically, men are considered to be aggressive, competitive and instrumentally oriented while women are passive, cooperative and expressive. As my grandmother grew older, she learned that she was strong and smart enough to accomplish what was “stereotype” men accomplishments.Knowing that women can honestly do the exact something and maybe even little bit better. Women are conditioned to be more patient with children, to be better multitask, to be…

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