Essay about Feminism And Its Impact On Society

1187 Words Dec 7th, 2015 null Page
Truthfully, feminism is dangerous to a lot of people. It causes fright and differing opinions, but just like in any major social issue there will be those who choose to be receptive and those who choose to stay oblivious to the apparent problem. Also, movements are not meant to graciously change circumstances, they are meant to make obvious demands and entice people to congregate, to think, and reach a solution. Biology is not even a factor when it comes to genuine communication about the matter; also, the opinion of a few does not represent an entire nation, “just because a small, loud bunch of feminists hate men, that does not mean that all feminists by relation hate men.” () However, hate seems to be the only force women and men think feminism is catering to. “Mainstream media has had a lot to do with the shaping of the youth’s minds. And it may have imparted a very wrong idea—that feminism is one and the same as misandry;” () misandry, meaning the ultimate hatred of men. Yes, men have made women subservient for the past millennia, but condemning them and putting them in the same position women started from does not bring gender into an understanding. This misinterpretation is the preventative that is keeping younger generations from creating a pure movement. Feminism is not the waving of posters and rallies in the street; it is an individual servitude, a duty to one’s self to embark upon. Fortunately, Feminism’s disdainful perceptive can be reversed by recollecting…

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