Essay about Feminism And Indi A Feminist Perspective

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If there are two words that do not belong together, they are feminism and India. The stringent, traditional culture that encompasses the majority of India has no place for feminism. It is a male-dominated society where the value of a woman is measured by her dowry. Feminism in India tries to create a voice for women, where their value is measured in their intelligence and willingness to succeed rather how much money she can bring to her husband’s family. It also allows problems like female infanticide and female oppression to be heard so the country can change it. However, it is difficult for feminists, many of whom are women, to display their thoughts to the rigid, traditional society in India. Art is the medium that women, like other oppressed groups, use to express their feelings and allow their voices to be heard. Art allows tortured, suppressed voices to be heard in more ways than words could ever allow. Art, like paintings, enable women to be a part of the feminist movement in India to show their views and explain why gender equality is vital to India.
Feminism, according to bell hooks, should be defined as the struggle to end sexist oppression, not to benefit any specific group of women over another or to transfer privilege from men to women (bell hooks 72). The focus is not to have a shared identity and community because one group of women do not experience the same struggles as other groups. Women who are considered feminist are trying to “seek ways to end…

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