Essay on Female Sexual Exploitation On The Media

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How females are exploited in the media

Elber, L 2013, Are Women On TV Being Sexually Explited? Female TV Characters Are Sexual Targets, Says New Study’, Huffington Post, Australia, 10th July 2013, <>
Lynn Elber is a writer for Huffington Post Australia who specialises on publishing articles on screen media and their impact on their audiences. This article is pitched at a lay reader with an aim to bring in the everyday reader to understanding female sexual exploitation on screen. Elber couples quantitative analysis and prime time television shows to highlight the degree of sexual exploitation and how it’s humoured on television. Elber’s study found that teenage girls are the biggest targets at 43% of sexually exploitive jokes. This article has made me want to further research the extent to which teenage girls are affected by women’s representation in the media.

Berbrick, S 2010, ‘The Objectification of Wmen in Mass Media: Female Self-Image in Misogynist Culture’, The New York Sociologist, Vol. 5, pp. 2-13
Stephanie Berbrick is a well-established writer, teacher and researcher at Pennsylvania State University specialising in feminist sociology in the media. This peer reviewed journal article is pitched at a scholarly reader, using a gendered discourse analysis on the impact of women’s portrayal in the media and on young women’s everyday life. Berbrick’s research has…

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