Female Adults Dealing With An Intimate Partner Violence Relationship

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Attached is a proposal for a support group that I would like to offer to female adults dealing with an Intimate Partner Violence relationship. I believe there is a need for this group in our community and this agency to help women attending this support group feel more confident about themselves and gain their independence back.
Statement of Need
This support group would be highly wanted in the community I would think because women would like help to stop all their abuse happening from their abusive partner. Sometime last year we have been experiencing a numerous number of adult women with the age of 18 years and older come in and get help from our support group. This group has been around for a little over two years now and it has become popular. Women trust the words coming from the women that have completed the sessions at the center. The women at first do not trust the workers there or the other women attending the sessions, but after the third or fourth session you see the change in them, they start feeling more comfortable and more confident about themselves and about the other women attending the sessions trying to get the same help. Having this support group in the community would be very helpful to the women experiencing an abusive relationship with their partner. Women will gain their independence back, have emotional support, increase self-esteem and engage in safe and healthy relationships.
Goal and Objectives
The following are the goals and objectives for the…

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