Felons : Should They Have The Right Of Vote? Essay

1347 Words Oct 25th, 2016 6 Pages
Nyquanesha Stacey
Professor Howard
ENC1102 (168898)
26 October 2016

Convicted Felons: Should They Have the Right to Vote?

Felons, convicts, criminals that’s what they are called, they are the deviants of the world but even so they are still human beings, should they have the right to elect a “new chief of the free world”? or vote on new laws? Some people believe absolutely not they should not have the right to vote. The people believe that murderers and rapists should not have the right to vote to change laws or vote a new president into office. Peter Wallsten from the Washington Post writes in “Fla. Republicans makes it harder for ex-felons to vote” that the governor of state of Florida (Rick Scott) has “voted to roll back state wide rules that assured ex-felons right to vote”. States like Virginia has just passed a law were ex-felons are allowed to vote. Were as Florida makes it harder for ex-felons to vote. Ten other states in the United States, may lose their right to vote permanently including Florida. Which absolutely bias and prejudice just because they are felons does not mean they are not humans beings. Naturally their voting rights have been taken away after they was convicted, and could be restored after their sentence is served to society. The other half of United States believe that if the felons of United States of America has done their time and did their punishment to society they should be allowed to vote. Sheryl Gay Stolberg from The New York…

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