Federalist Articles Essay

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The constitution can be defined as the supreme law of the United States of America,that establishes rules and distinctive powers of the federal Government.
Keith Whittington on his report,How to read the constitution, precisely defines the constitution as “an act of communication, of instruction, from the supreme lawmaker within the American constitutional system to government officials. It conveys their intentions as to what power government officials would have, how that power would be organized, to what legitimate purposes that power could be used, and what limitations there would be on that power”(Whittington,2006). On looking at the constitution written by our founding fathers,it clearly begins by explaining why it was
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John Locke expresses the same sentiments in his book (Two treaties of Government,1690). The framers of the constitution knew that in future years, amendments would be inevitable and in the fifth article state that the congress whenever seems necessary shall amend and ratify the original constitution provided two thirds majority of the house of representatives agree. Benjamin Franklin prior to the signing of the final draft of the constitution, expresses discontent with the constitution in his speech, by openly saying he sees fault with some of the parts but is quick to say that,they were his own opinion. He blames old age and luck of knowledge of current affairs(of the time).He however urges all men present to agree and give support to the constitution as he sees it necessary for the running of the government and blessing to the nation if well administered.I personally applaud Franklin for being brave and courageous not only because of voicing his opinions but of knowing, one’s truth aspect is not necessarily the same as of all other’s. This reminds me my readings of The Pursuit of Truth(from six great ideas) Mortimer Adler (1997) where he says truth is an alignment between mind and reality

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