Essay on Fear Of The Rise Of Reality Television

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Fearing and loving, is something that humans do with technology. Technology is our lover, but we also realize it can be our destroyer. Technology may be meant to improve our lives; they are also criticized on how it’s ruining our lives. An abundant of authors- primarily those who write Sci-Fi- have written about the heavy reliance on technology and how it can, or will, be devastating to the human race. In literature and movies –ones from books similar to 1984 to movies like Maze Runner- this has been a heavily debated topic The movie The Truman Show tackles the fear of the rise of Reality Television, focusing mainly suited on reality TV shows and the social implications of Reality TV shows In the 1950s, almost half of Americans owned televisions. The rise of this entertainment brought in new ways to captivate people. A creation of this newfound entertainment was Reality Television shows. However, as popular as television was, there wasn 't a surge of these shows until the 1990s. The increasing popularity created a boom for Reality Tv. (Wikipedia, n.d.). Consequently, The Truman Show was released in 1998, examining the ethics of Reality Television shows. One component of Ethics explored in this movie is freedom. Freedom is essential to most cultures, although some might define freedom differently than others. In America’s society, freedom is defined as being able to do whatever you want as long as it doesn 't violate the rights of others. Nonetheless, in the movie the…

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