Fear Of Humanity Essay

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The people 's biggest dream in the modern world is not so much different from their goal centuries ago. The only thing that is changed over the period of years is objective, not the modus itself. So, the question is what is the goal of the modern man in today 's civilized society? The goal is to conquer the man’s biggest fear. That is simple in the very core of man.
Human beings have and always had the urge to rule over the situation. That is in the very nature of humanity. Centuries ago, the biggest fear for humanity was, for example, the dark and the various predators that stood in the shadows lurking humans and taking every single opportunity to harm them. Yes, humans were submitted to animals and for a long period of time. That resulted
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First, they retaliated against animals and they hunt them for food, later they managed to take control over them in, a new way. They started to take care of them in order to get the products such as milk, and so on, and they even achieved what seemed impossible in the first place. They managed to use them as guards. So, to conclude, humanity succeeded to win their first major battle. But, as the years were passing by, the time brought new, more powerful and the cruelest enemy they faced by the time been. That enemy was the first pandemic of the deadly disease. The disease 's name was the black plague. They called it the Black Death because of the horrific black blister that occurred on the limbs of the victims. The Black Death stroke Europe in the middle ages and killed the majority of the European population. The people were terrified. They had a very good reason for that. Everyone was in great danger to become the next victim. Nobody knew what was causing this disease and humanity was at the edge of extinction. The massive burials took place at night because the rulers were frightened that public gatherings such as the burials might cause spreading of the disease. It was horrible. You couldn 't live …show more content…
To keep this short, yet humanity succeeded in winning yet another great battle. So, the biggest question we can ask now is quite simple. What is the humanity biggest fear in modern day? What is the humanity biggest fear nowadays? And what is troubling mankind today when we managed to put almost everything under control? The answer is simple. It’s a new disease and what is paradoxical in today 's civilized world when humans managed to develop almost every aspect of their lives is the fact that new disease or illness is spreading among humans and that disease in incurable in 85 percent of cases. This silent killer is cancer. Humans are witnesses of the devastating and deadly power of this illness, and in several diseases, the most frightening thing is the fact that there is no confirmation of the cause of the appearance of cancer. People don’t have the cure and they have no clear confirmation of the cause of the humanity’s biggest fear. Is this fair? Do you think that someone, somewhere in fact knows what is cancer, why does it attack our bodies, is there something we can do to stop it from appear? And the most important question - Does someone know what is

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