Fear Of A Black President Essay

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Fear of a Black President

In reading the article “Fear of a Black President” a thought which kept popping into my head was how I felt that Barack Obama was under more pressure and scrutinized than any other president in the recent past. I think that for him and for other African Americans, whether they agree with his views or not, Obama being elected president was an epic event. From a historical perspective it was a monumental day in United States history, an event that will written about for ages. Taking on the presidency is a great responsibility, but as the saying goes “with great power comes great responsibility.”I can only imagine the vast amount of pressure being the president the president of the free work must be. On top of being the President of the United States of America, being America’s first black president must bring mean even more pressure. I would think this would be a great deal of pressure having to live up to being the first black president. I can only imagine how overwhelming it can be at times for him. Whatever he does though just doesn’t seem to be right or enough, it must be hard to deal with.
I found a part in the article to be interesting, “ before the president spoke , George Zimmerman was arguably the most reviled man in America. After the president spoke, Zimmerman became the patron saint of those who believe that an apt history of racism being with Tawana Brawley and ends with the Duke lacrosse team.” The article also mentions that before…

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