Fdr 's Four Freedoms As A Human Rights Instrument Essay

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Borgwardt, Elizabeth. "FDR 's Four Freedoms As A Human Rights Instrument." OAH Magazine
Of History 22.2 (2008): 8.Advanced Placement Source. Web. 2 Dec. 2015.
This article examines the Four Freedoms set my Franklin D. Roosevelt as a key instrument for human rights. He incorporates in his speech that everyone has the right to freedom of speech and expression, freedom of religion, freedom from fear, and lastly the freedom from want. He appeals to congress and Americans through linking freedom and human rights at home to human rights abroad and how can this effect their human rights and national security. The article also gives background on the consolidated vision of social and financials rights with “traditional civil and political rights as ideological weapon in an anti-Axis arsenal.” Furthermore, the article reflects on the political policy of the 1940s as he conveys that internal affairs is established on “respects for the rights and dignity of all nations”. This article is tremendously helpful. It explains how Franklin used freedom and independence to appeal to American’s strong beliefs in democracy to convince them to support war efforts. The article fits in my research because it will help me compare the speech to the poem. Franklin alludes to fear and emphasize freedom to persuade the nation to support his policy; thus he uses liberation and fear as a way to support his purpose, which is similar to the idea of the poem (fear and liberation).
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